"Deneen Alexandra is extremely talented, and puts a unique and special touch on all her work. Her contribution is invaluable."


-​ Marianne Williamson -- Internationally Acclaimed Spiritual Author and 2020 Presidential Candidate


Deneen Alexandra is a multidisciplinary designer and art director who works with forward-thinking companies across an array of industries. She has been entrusted with elevating unique visions through the many stages of ideation; including visual branding and storytelling, brand evolution, and pivot-demands. Working at this level of intensity, instinct, and passion is what formed her as a designer. 


During her last two years of art school at UCLA, she went from intern to full-time lead designer at an entertainment design firm. After graduating she founded a boutique design and branding studio/cake bakery business, Funk Delicious Designs. (The design work and it's client base did not conflict or compete with the aforementioned entertainment position.) 


The design side took off much faster than anticipated, leading to the decision to phase out the bakery. 


As the industry experienced rapid changes by way of economy shifts, disruptors, and consumer demands, she ventured onto the freelance circuit for big brand companies and ad agencies, servicing brands like Adidas, Sony, Verizon, Mitsubishi, and more. This offered the opportunity to be part of the shift that affected consumer demands and a new approach to content at this level of consumerism. 


This experience further offered insight on how those decisions trickle down and influence the marketplace as a whole. Whether a brand decides to follow suit or rebel, it offered the insight to meet either side of the conversation on future projects. 


A couple of years ago she scaled back on design commitments to spend time with her other passions; baking & pastry and the healing arts. She spent time working in kitchens in Los Angeles and Seattle and becoming certified in Reiki for animals (and humans). She has since returned to design full-time, although, some baking adventure is always looming. Currently, it's baguettes, so everyone wins.


"Branding: More Than Just A Pretty Face"  By Deneen Alexandra

An editorial post for an entrepreneur online source out of Australia. 

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"Mark Your Territory - A Celebration Of Logos - Past, Present, & Local"

Logo Book published by the AIGA - Los Angeles Chapter.

Three of Deneen's logos were included.

Pasadena Museum Of Art Exhibit, entitled:

“The Most Innovative Design Being Created in LA Today”.

Several of Deneen's pieces were include