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I'm Deneen, I'm a Brand Designer & Strategist. Over the course of my career, I've been entrusted with bringing unique and innovative ideas to life across an array of vastly different industries.

Navigating the nuanced and changing demands of these brands (from development through execution, to evolution, pivot-demands, and legacy plans) during a time of constant social, cultural, and economic shifts that is the world today, has offered invaluable insight to the work I do. 

The end-result is effortlessly presenting their vision and brand-story in a way that sets them apart. By effortlessly I mean, a message with meaning and branding without gimmicks.

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Things move at such a fast pace these days that in the time it takes to get a service or product to market, the paradigm has shifted, again.

The workaround is in how you deliver your brand experience.




"Mark Your Territory - A Celebration Of Logos - Past, Present, & Local"

Logo Book published by the AIGA - Los Angeles Chapter.

Three logos published.


Pasadena Museum Of Art Exhibit, entitled:

“The Most Innovative Design Being Created in LA Today”.

Several pieces include.


UCLA Graduate:

"Design & Communication Arts"


• Reiki Practitioner

 Sometimes Pastry Chef & Baker.  Funk Delicious Designs started out as a hybrid studio for Graphic & Cake Designs. Thus, the name. 



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