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I tell stories through the fusion of words, ideas, concepts, subtext, art, and (or) images put into form. Your unique brand story derives from your raw vision and imagination, so that's where we start. 


Over the course of my career, I have been entrusted with elevating unique (and often highly innovative) visions through the many stages of ideation (visual branding and storytelling, brand evolution, and pivot-demands) across an array of vastly different industries. 

I offer design and consultation services, or a combination of the two - whatever best supports you.



When I'm not designing I'm usually baking something, somewhere. A little know fact; my original design studio was a cake and design hybrid studio (thus the name, Funk Delicious Designs). 


I've also spent time working in professional kitchens in Los Angeles and Seattle and have the battle stories to tell (not for the weary, let me tell ya). My current baking venture is baguettes. So everyone wins!


I'm also a certified level 2, Reiki Practitioner for animals (and humans). 


IMG_E1215 (1).JPG

Eat  Cake!

Most importantly, I'm here to help you create (or evolve) a branding experience that engages your marketplace at every point of contact, in a way that is uniquely your own!

And if that process gets challenging (cuz, creating stuff is hard), we have baguettes and Reiki to see it through. 


"Branding: More Than Just A Pretty Face"  

By Deneen Alexandra

An editorial post for an entrepreneur online source out of Australia. 

{read article here}

"Mark Your Territory - A Celebration Of Logos - Past, Present, & Local"

Logo Book published by the AIGA - Los Angeles Chapter.

Three logos published.

Pasadena Museum Of Art Exhibit, entitled:

“The Most Innovative Design Being Created in LA Today”.

Several pieces include.



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