Bark N' Bitches 2016 Apparel Line
Bark N' Bitches 2016 Apparel Line
OmniPeace donates a portion of their apparel sales to ending poverty in Africa. They are also building OmniPeace schools and are very active in their efforts to fight the violence and rape against women in The Congo.

Here are just a few of the many designs we worked on with them to achieve this. See more about OmniPeace in the branding section.
Free To Be You
Free To Be You is a very unique company and one we have a high affinity for. They create a safe place for children who are aging out of the foster care system to make that transition. They came to us to create their logo, identity and several supporting pieces. A portion of their funding comes from their t-shirt line. In addition to developing their brand, we worked closely with the founder to come up with a very unique line of shirts that speak to their mission.
Sunshine Boys
Branding project for Sunshine Boys included several apparel pieces. See more on Sunshine Boys in the branding gallery.
Oasis Child
Oasis Child is unique retail space in Orange County. They came to Funk Delicious to help them with their brand development. As part of the project, we created these onesies to support the brand.
Bark N' Bitches
Branded apparel to support the Bark N' Bitches brand.
3 Day Breast Cancer Walk
At the end of every 3 Day walk for Breast Cancer there is a rally. These shirts were created for all the participants, as a free gift, to attend the festivities in. Each design represented different states.
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